Moutaintop Evangelism

Not only should we cherish our mountaintop experiences -- we should hope for mountaintop evangelism.

We should find more thin moments to stand on top of the mountains of God's creation and bless each other. While standing next to a friend and colleague facing a couple as they enter into the covenant of marriage, we should proclaim God's presence. Loudly. Boldly. So that those photo snapping people admiring the view stop and say, "Wow. What kind of wedding was that?"

Yestersday, I stood on top of a mooutain and co-officiated a wedding of this beautiful transgender couple. Together -- we bestowed the blessings of God. Together -- we shared our hope for our world and this unique partnership. I wish you could have been there to see the bubbles floating and the enthusiasm of the gathered -- both known and unknown to the couple.

Truly, we should stand on top of mountains, smile and bless each other.

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