The Manifesta

Maybe it is just irony. But, it seems to me that a new era has dawned. It began long ago when someone had the gall to post a sign reading WOMEN on the door of a bathroom with two urinals. It's a new era where young clergy women don't assume that the answers to their burning questions will come from anyone else but each other. We need those that dared to hang contrary signs on the doors of urinals. We need their stories. We need their wisdom. And we need for them to be ready to hear us -- as we step into our many pulpits and preach the good news that our God reigns.

We might not preach the things that we have said here. We might not share them with our colleagues at home. But, something has changed for many of us. We found something on the soles of our feet this week. There it was. Clearly printed: Our God reigns. Her rebellious spirit calls us to imposible tasks of peace and salvation. She call us to remember each other and all that has been made sacred in a mere week. Our God reigns, we will remember. But, when we doubt we might also need the words inspired by Wendell Berry’s “Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front.”

Love your princess parts.
Weed. Eat dessert first. Don’t take no
for an answer. Take credit.
Strut. Show your pedicure.
Don’t fucking conform.
Find your sisters. By all means,
join a rock band.
Nap. Wear a skirt that shows your knees.
Cry when you need to – it sets people free.
Make peace. Ask hard questions;
question easy answers.
Coffee IS pastoral care. So is chocolate.
Love your inner artist. Feed her, too.
Read novels. Go to the movies
in the middle of the day. Talk to strangers.
Tell God the things no one else will.
Giggle. No excuses.
Get rubbed down. Get paid
better than the boys – and pass it on.
Hold the door open for other women.
Let little girls play in the pulpit.
Dye your hair pink (or the color of your choice.)
Embrace your authority. Get wet.
Preach the gospel!
Make a place at the table. Know
your voice is powerful.
Reach for rainbows. Vote.
Kick off your shoes – you’re standing on holy ground.
Dance in the pulpit. Take days off.
Respect, but don’t idolize, your elders.
Don’t be catty (except with your best friends).
Play in the rain. Do justice.
Go to the street.
Be loud. Walk humbly with God
in your fabulous shoes.
Do I hear an AMEN?


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um. yeah. i wondered about the urinals...

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Hmmm... I am still not sure about the Manifestas as an overall idea. But your photo is great.

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Nice blog - i will return.
Thanks for linking my blog (occasional sightings) to yours.
Once I learn how to do such a techie thing, I will add yours as a link on mine.



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