Bible Fun

Last night, I had the extreme joy of playing Bible Scattergories with some friends from seminary. Of course, this also required drinking a bit too much wine that is making my head hurt now.

But, Scattergories was entertaining. It was better when one of the categories finally inquired which men caused trouble. It was beginning to look like women were the only trouble-makers in the Bible. Um, no. But, you are rolling our eyes.

We know it's dorky. We openly admit that this is really, really dorky. We were also rather horrified at how poorly we played. Apparently, I need to know a whole lot more about kings and warriors. I forget that that's the kind of Christian I'm supposed to be. Oh well. It's nice to be with old friends in my old haunts.


Amy said...

hee... that sounds like fabulous fun!

erica said...

My dad has a Hebrew Scrabble set in the basement from his seminary days. THAT is nerdy. Bible Scattegories isn't so bad.