It's snowing again.

Yesterday, I confessed to our church administrator (who is essentially my grandmother reincarnated) that I'm dating. She seemed unimpressed. Am I insecure? Probably. But, so be it.

So last night, toward the end of the day where I'm tirelessly trying to pull together a logical curriculum for our Lenten study "Way of Torture, Way of the Cross" (if any of you are doing this program, email me!!!), GOPBoy calls. That's right. He's Republican. A progressive Democrat really with some strange GOP tendencies. Does this matter? A little. Anyhow, he was out of town over the past few days and now he's back. He left a message (of course, I'm coy enough to let it go to voicemail) asking if I would like to grab a glass of wine later. I was destined for the gym, so I called to say so. It turns out he and a friend are down at fratty bar by the water (ew). Do I want to come? I declined insisting I was going to the gym. I need to pretend that I have will power sometimes.

And then, two hours later, I get a text message. GOPBoy is at neighborhood bar. Come get a drink with us. Meet my friend, he texts. Sucker. I go. Of course, I go. Turns out he is actually a good kisser. A gentleman. A nice guy -- albeit Republican. No one is perfect.

We declared a snow day yesterday. Before the snow started to fall, we declared we were not going to the office tomorrow. So, I'm working from home. Ok, I haven't done anything yet. But, it's also the dreaded red heart Hallmark holiday which drives me crazy. So, I wonder: can you hang out with boy you just started dating on V-Day without it having extreme weight? Isn't that silly? I don't think St. Valentine would really care. Like my congregants, he just wanted everyone to get married. So, what's the big deal? I know. I know.

At my alma-seminary, the ladies that I spent last Valentines Day with reading the Vagina Monologues are actually performing it tomorrow night. They are reading my prayer. My Prayer for Our Pussies. (It's in the archive, by the way.) My fave prof Janet sent me a sweet email commenting on the power of the prayer. God I love her. It makes me miss my friends -- my amazingly strong women. And I love that this is what this day has become for me.


Songbird said...

Your prayer certainly touches on what we discussed last week. I guess I am still grappling with what it means to own that source of power in myself.
Hope you've enjoyed the snow day.

Alex said...

Great post!