Snow Day

I remember when I used to be furious that it would snow on holidays. I'm grateful for the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. And I was as a child, when I relished in the day off from school in January. It was usually a day spent studying for midterms -- as my little sister is now. But, now, MLK means a lot more to me. Having moved to a really, really white state, I appreciate his legacy even more. I wonder what leaders will emerge to fight the good fight at the same time that I wonder about my own racism.

Ok, I admit my thoughts are not that profound today. It's snowing. We're supposed to get between 2 and 4 inches of this white stuff and I'm stuck inside. I like watching the snow fall while I listen to NPR. I like that I have this day to not spend at church. In fact, it's a day that I had planned to spend painting but insprition is lacking. I haven't painted for a long time. The last time I broke out my paints was at the inlet in Long Island with my great aunt. Painting with my great aunt is one of my favorite ways to spend the afternoon. And I miss her today. In fact, I miss being a in a studio -- like my painting studio in college. I would chat and paint with my dear friend Pronk (it's an art history term that became a nickname). We would critique each other and paint. It was wonderful. I miss that.

But, instead, it's snowing and I'm feeling restless and a tad nostalgic.

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Songbird said...

Writing, knitting, baking, cooking and a whole lot of Battlestar Galactica dominated the day here! Can't wait to see you tomorrow.