Being Change

Today, I had lunch with the Senior group at church after getting off the phone with the Sea Wall Singer. The Sea Wall Singer is a UCC pastor in California who is making his way across the country -- in the peace bubble -- singing songs of peace. It's such a simple idea. See for yourself: http://peacebubble.org/. I arrived at lunch to ask one of my colleagues if she has heard about the Sea Wall Singer. I'm a little excited about the possiblity of his possible arrival to Maine. I didn't really mean to spur conversation among the women that I was seated with.

But, I ended up explaining the Sea Wall Singer to the whole table. As I had heard on the phone, I emphasized that it was a message of inner peace which echoes with the mantra I heard time and again last year, "Peace is possible." This man in bubble makes me hope. The greater hope arrived from across the table from one of these wonderful ladies that continue to surprise me. "Ya know," she said. "I used to really resist change. I didn't want anything to change. But, as I get older, I find that I want change. Actually, I hope for change." I had not said anything about change -- just that peace offers hope. And then there was a chorus of affirmations as eyes turned to me.

Am I the change that they are looking for? It's such an awesome responsibility. I'm awed at the very possibility. And with this hope, I depart tomorrow to become change. I begin my journey back home to become ordained. I will forever be changed.

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