It's Ready.

This is it. It's ready. This is the painting that will be completed at my ordination on Sunday. Soon, the people of God will add their mark to this creation.

And then, it will hang on my office wall.

Thought you might like to see it.


juniper68 said...

so cool! thanks for showing it - what books do the pages come from?

Songbird said...

This is gorgeous, and so are you! Juniper, come to our side of the country and hang out with us!

Pastor Peters said...

Aw. Gee Thanks.

The pages are from my ordination paper, the terms of call (my contract, if you will) and the bulletin from my candidating sermon.

Songbird, I look forward to hearing the sound of your voice upon my return. Meanwhile, I know you will be present in the voices and hands on Sunday.

steve said...

Very cool. I like it a lot. This reference may mean nothing to you, but the color scheme reminds me of a large stained glass window (the largest in the nation, as I recall) at the Abbey Church at St. John's University in MN.

If you're interested, I could try to track down a digital image to share. But anyway, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your artwork.

Pink Shoes said...

It's fantastic! And, congratulations!