Woes of Finding a Good Robe

In a mere two weeks, I will be serving my first church where I will robe in my very own clerical robe for worship every Sunday. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

Here's the problem: I don't have a robe.

And I don't know how many of you have decided to dress in male clerical garb, but I REFUSE! I refuse to not show my curves from the pulpit. Not that I am going to flaunt them or be distasteful, but I'm want a robe that says, ain't I a woman? And it appears that this is nearly impossible which I find so frustrating.

I'm not looking for anything super fancy. The male Senior Minister wears a Geneva robe in typical Congregational fashion. So, I'm thinking that these styles might work:

But, in black with the United Church of Christ logo where the cross is.

I'm really not sure how I feel about this one. You can "create your own robe" by replacing the black velvet with some lace or brocade as well as the liturgical colors of that red piping, but I'm really not sure if I like it. It looks a little stiff, doesn't it?

And then, there is this one (though it would be black) but I can't help but think it looks a tad frumpy.

I seek your guidance, wisdom and good fashion sense. Please, help me.


Pink Shoes said...

I have a robe that has lace-type insets in the sleeves and around the hem. We wear white robes, so I'm not sure how that would look in black....

Iris said...

I love the Women Spirit robes! I have the one that you think looks a bit frumpy in black. I don't think it looks frumpy in black. It's very basic.

Pastor Peters said...

Frumpy was a bad word choice. Sorry.

Iris said...

Oh my, no offense taken! I think it looks a bit frumpy in the pic, too. I just wanted you to know that it didn't look frumpy in person (at least not the black.) Our local Cokesbury store has some sample Women Spirit robes. Perhaps a store near you has some that you could take a look at too. Robes cost a big chunk of change, so you're wise to choose carefully. Happy shopping!

juniper68 said...

I have that one at the bottom and it's great! I've had it two years and i wear it all the time - women spirit are so easy to wash and comfortable and they show your shape, but not in distracting or inappropriate way.
ONLY thought - I wonder if I'd get white again if I had a choice...I tend to get lipstick smearies from nice church lady hugs. it comes right out with rubbing alcohol, but I think a black one might require a little less maintanence.

Pastor Peters said...

That's two votes for the Martha robe. Funny. I always thought I was more of a Mary.

Thanks for this insight ladies. Where would I be without the women that inspire me in ministry?