Benevolent Creator

RevGals recommended this personality quiz on http://www.personaldna.com -- and you know, minister types love a good personality quiz. We wonder around explaining ourselves by the Meyers Briggs designations. I have always found this a challenge, as I can never remember where I am on the scale. I know I'm an I/E, but that's all I can remember (and I only remember that because I think of myself as an Introvert while the rest of the world thinks I'm an Extrovert).

As a "Creator" and artist, maybe I can remember colors better. Though, they don't tell you what they mean. Like, why are there 3 blocks yellow, green and blue in the same size? What does it mean?

But, they do give me a little advice for my "Benevolent" side which I offer to all minister-types as we all struggle with this:

You spend a lot of time taking care of others, but don't forget to take care of yourself!

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