Musicman's Birthday

Yesterday was Musicman's birthday. There was a lot of celebrating over this weekend which may be evidenced in the glaze in my eyes here. The photo was taken by his new roommate and old, old childhood friend who has decided that she likes me and I needed a picture of us. Hence, this was the only photo snapped during Monday's party. I think that I may have given up after this photo and his expression. Um, Ok, so we're not ready for the photo shoot. I get it. I'm not going to explain the outfit though. I don't think that I can. So, go with it. There he is.

The celebration seems to only continue as there were leftover goodness last night with laughter and birthday wishes. I gave him a present which he loved. I'm enjoying him so much.

When this was originally published, I said something else that I have deleted. It's still true. It's just too much for me to know that it's out there on the internet. Sigh.


Songbird said...


more cows than people said...

he has a particularly good birthday!

and, m'dear, you didn't need to whisper, your posts have loudly been speaking of your fallenness (in the best sense) for some time! and i assured a mutual friend of ours (she actually called me back) that i think this is a VERY good thing.

Amy said...

seriously grinning over here in the va

apbs said...

a picture! thanks.
so are you keeping the highlights?