Vanity of Vanities

For several days now, I have been meaning to highlight my hair. My stylist told me it was time. He was horrified by my roots. I wasn't so much -- but I believed his wisdom. So I went and bought a box of highlights (as I have done several times in the past). This time, I thought I would try a new product similar to the product I had used before -- but new nonetheless. And cheaper. I think that matters with the end result.

After rehearsing with a bride and groom for their wedding, I came home last night and opened the box. Twenty minutes later I became a bottle blonde. Oh shit. I'm sorry for the profanity -- but not only will I be in the pulpit today, I will officiate a wedding and tomorrow I will meet Musicman's friends. And I am a bottle blonde. This is offensive because I was a blonde. I've gotten darker and darker into my 20s and I started to fight back. I never wanted to fight this hard.

Luckily, I am also terrible at this so I can flip my hair to create another part (an unnatural part) that shows my more natural color. Yes, I am Cruella Deville. I look almost as menacing as she does in her sports car. Almost as angry with myself.

I'm so horrified by my own vanity and must admit that I'm really not sure what to do about this. Do I suffer with this until my hair grows out even though I just got a haircut? Do I go back to my sylist and cry after the long weekend? Or do I just laugh at my own stupidity and get over it?


Teri said...

hmm--depends how it actually makes you feel. I have, on more than one occasion actually, gone to my stylist after a bad home-coloring choice and begged for a correction. It's always been worth it to me, even if it was ridiculously expensive.

So how do you feel?

more cows than people said...

no time for a trip to A stylist for a correction- before the wedding today? it would so be worth it.

i respect you for trying at home. i'm too chickenshit. i always pay for it.

if you have to live with it through your full weekend treat it as a lesson in humility, and laugh your way to your stylist next week.

or... one other thought, could you get more dye and do just the under part of your hair somehow?

or is the bottle blonde just too awful?

i was afraid you were going to say the old dye and the new dye reacted and your hair turned out green or purple or something.

it could be worse!

Pastor Peters said...

oh it could be worse. that's for sure. and i will suffer through it and pay for something on tuesday when my stylist is open again. for now, i can just laugh.

no one said anything in church this morning. maybe it's not that bad... though i find that hard to believe

Kilter said...

Hair highlighting sucks. Streaky hair sucks. I'm surprised at you.

LittleMary said...

go directly to your stylist. don't pass go.

Pastor Peters said...

it's all fixed. never fear!