What's Cooking?

This friend told me last week on the phone that he only reads my blog every month. He then told me that he scans my blog for what he deems the "good posts." In my sporadic blogging of late, I'm wondering what constitutes a "good post" for me -- and whoever might stumble upon these pages. I have no answer, by the way.

I'm stealing internet outside in the cold (yes, it's cold here) in order to scour the internet for recipes to cook dinner for Musicman tomorrow night. I steal my internet. I really need to get my own. I know. It's awful. Anyhow, did I mention that on top of all of the wonderful things there are about this boy, he's also a wonderful cook? Yes. I'm no whiz in the kitchen but I like to think I can do more than boil water. He intimidates me. I haven't cooked yet. I've flexed my credit card muscle instead. I have been to meek and shy. But, tomorrow, I cook. I don't really know what yet -- but I shall cook. I shall create romance in my kitchen and enjoy the fruits of my labor (no matter what).

To all of the domestic god(desse)s (and those that aspire to be), I ask for your prayers.


more cows than people said...

i will be cooking a lot in the winter/spring... for the first time in six years of marriage. let's grow together, shall we?

www.101cookbooks.com- check this out... some REALLY great recipes, especially for absolutely delicious and relatively healthy baked goods. the coffee cake today looks to die for.

apbs said...

i just wanted to say i feel your pain. my man is also an intimidating cook. good luck!

LittleMary said...

from this domestic goddess, i give you my prayers. i am sure it will be delicious and that he will think you are adorable regardless of what you create.