Ethical Eating

So, I'm reading a book that seems to be all the rage in my community. It seems every time I turn around, someone else is reading it. Unless, of course, they are reading one of those vampire books.

Anyhow, this favorite author of mine is inspiring me -- as she always does. I'm thinking about how I eat, where I eat and how it reflects my commitment to God's created order. I'm soon heading to the Farmer's Market, but this is a gift that is offered to our community only in summer months. We don't get to have it much during the winter -- perhaps because the climate here is a little less than hospitable. So, I just did a little research on Community Supported Agriculture in our area. It turns out that there is one farm that offers winter shares. But, I've never done this before. I'm not sure the questions to ask. Or if there is something I need to know before I slap down a deposit to see three cheers for the farmers and local produce. Is there anything?


Songbird said...

Sara E-M is into all that co-op stuff, I would ask her!

Teri said...

umm, here are things I asked before joining my CSA, and things I found out that might have been handy to know...

* what kinds of things tend to come in a share?
* what kinds of farming methods do they use? (are they organic, "sustainable," do they use fertilizer/pesticide/electronics/manure from cows/anything else you're curious about)
* can you help out at the farm in exchange for reduced cost for your share?
* how many shares do they sell? (make sure they have enough land for the number of shares they sell, and remember that when they start to get up to 75-100 shares or more, the "community" aspect is different and sometimes the farming methods are too. There's a place here that sold too many last year and ended up buying stuff from the farmer's market to put in their boxes--then people found out. bad news.) Mine is about 60 shares, so you sometimes are able to get to know people, including the farmer.)
* do they have community-building things that you can come to with other subscribers? Like my CSA as "dinner on the farm" twice a year where subscribers can get together and have a fancy-schmancy dinner entirely made from stuff from the farm (including wine, since my people are now a vineyard as well). It's a little expensive for me but it sounds fun! (everything would be expensive for me...)
* do they automatically re-subscribe you for next year?
* is there a way to contact the farmer if you have a problem or a question?

Also, my place gives recipe suggestions each week, which is nice when I get weird food (like kohlrabi???) and don't know how to try it.

Okay, I totally hijacked your comments, sorry. I hope you have fun with adventures in CSA!

Sarah K. said...

Ooh, I'm just about to start that book on my vacation next week. . .

Katherine said...

Dude, Teri is SMART!

I was just going to say yay BK, and that you should really join GoodReads so I always know what you're reading. ;-)

Susie/NuevaCantora said...

Teri is way smart.

Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone cookbook might be handy... she describes every vegetable in creation with ideas about what to do with it. Might come in handy!