The Polar Bear is wearing a discounted item from a certain store she found while shopping. I'm impressed that she found this item for $13.99. If it were not for the spread, I might rush to the store too. Instead, I'm about to make a bean layer dip and drink margaritas. We'll call that dinner. That might explain things.

And while I go, I've got this Catie Curtis song stuck in my head. It's the last verse that is actually repeating in my mind.

And when you go to California
They want to know why you'd live back East
When the weather there is cold and the people there are cold
I say the people are why I'll never leave

I can't decide if it's the people that will make me stay. I'm trying to figure that out.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Catie Curtis!!!
Do you know her? (She and I have volunteered together....she's awesome.)

And I got the sweater in the fall, so it's not even available right now. Have the bean dip.

Last, i really love the song quote as part of talking about discernment.

LittleMary said...

oh, catie curtis. oh my, oh my. one day, you will get that story.

and it's always the people. that's what i say.