One of my favorite people just sent me an e-card from NOW which instructs me to love my body and take a quiz. I'm prone to distraction -- so I did.

Question 8 was:

A new trend of plastic surgery called ________ is when external folds of skin surrounding the vulva are snipped to better resemble images of "ideal" women.
A. fallopioplasty
B. vaginomentation
C. labiaplasty
D. uteraloptic
E. None of the above, this surgery doesn't exist.

Correct! Your Answer: labiaplasty. Correct Answer: labiaplasty
Labiaplasty is a procedure designed to reduce a woman's labia. Some doctors perform 40 to 50 labiaplasties a month on women as young as 20 years old, even though they can cost upward of $4,000 and take several months to heal. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) began collecting information on vaginal rejuvenation in 200. Growth in this area alone increased almost 30% from 2006.

This is replusive and upsetting. Once again, I feel called to Pray for Our Pussies. Sisters in Christ, let us pray. Let us pray that more women will know that they are beautiful. Let us model this with our curves and long hair. Let women hear the good news of Eve Ensler. And God, grant us peace in all of our pussies.

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LittleMary said...

you must be fucking kidding me. this is repulsive. totally repulsive. i remember finding a book full of pussies, all different shapes and colors and textures and it was so beautiful. i had no idea the number of ways we came!