Vagina Monologues

There are women that perform the Vagina Monologues all across our globe today. While women reclaim their bodies, Eve Ensler encourages us to affect change in the danerous ways that violence is enacted about women, simply because they are women. V-day (www.vday.org) does amazing work to educate and motivate us. But, I offer my own monologue from my own unique perspective:

Let us pray.

Holy Sophia, who created the trees and mountains that litter our ancient texts with polite euphemisms for breasts and fertility, we come before you as your creation. We come before you, created in your image, knowing that we are more that a uterus with breasts. We are so much more than this. And yet, our most erotic texts can only prattle on about our breasts. We don’t need more songs about these lumps of fat celebrated as “two fawns, twins of a gazelle, that feed among the lilies.” We are created in your image and for the love of God, we have pussies.

O She Who Is, hear this prayer for our pussies.

We search our sacred texts for just reference to this marvelous creation. This creation with more nerve endings than other human organ that allows us to feel more pleasure than any Father God could possibly comprehend. So, we flip again to this conversation between two lovers to find a channel. A channel? “Your channel is an orchard of pomegranates with all choicest fruits,” coos the lover. Is this really the best we can do? Or can we gather than the inconclusive results of Biblical scholarship to find just one word. One word that may offer the peace of our celebrated creation. One word to praise our pussies. Like this adoring lover, let us raise our voices. “Awake!” Wake up! The beloved invites her lover to “come to the garden, and eat its choicest fruits.” For every seminarian who has found comfort in the gentle hum of a dildo, let us gather tonight and celebrate oral sex.

O She Who Is, hear this prayer for our pussies.

We pray for the many women who lead your churches into new possibilities of the gospel. We are the women that serve you. We are the women who put our pussies in the pulpit. Your fellow servants in the pews may enjoy the masquerade. They may hide their own penises and pussies. But, we are upon the altar dancing through liturgical action in the way that you have made us. In the pews, they may not see our curves hidden beneath long, bulky robes. But centered neatly between those yards of fabric that make our stoles, there is our pussy. Framed in its own glorious creation, we celebrate your image.

O She Who Is, hear this prayer for our pussies.

We can dance. But, when we go to the bar on Friday night to kick back and have a few drinks, we are the women who have to explain our sexuality. Yes, we are women of the Church. We are committed to the Gospel. We can preach. We can serve. We yearn for justice. And, as sure as Christ is risen, our cocktail comes with some off-hand joke about the infidelity of Catholic priests. While lifting up prayer for women who cannot be ordained in various traditions, we would love to enjoy our libations without explaining that indeed we are allowed to have sex. Our sexuality as unwed women has no impact on abuses in the Archdiocese of Boston, or any other city. Can’t you hear Sojourner Truth screaming, “Ain’t I a woman”?

O She Who Is, hear this prayer for our pussies.

Divine Mother, praise our pussies. Care for our clit. Value our vagina. We yearn for a world where women are not tortured for their creation. We remember women who mutilated, raped, violated and enslaved. We pray for the vaginas of young women and children who have been cursed by injustice. We name these women in our hearts and uplift them to you. And we pray for women who are afraid of their pussies. We remember women who have never found their g-spot either by themselves or with a lover. We pray for women who have never admired your creation with a compact mirror perched awkwardly between their thighs.

O She Who Is, hear this prayer for our pussies. Grant all of these things in the name of your holy channel. And let all vaginas say, Amen.

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