What's with the hat?

Ok, I am not a fashionista. I admit it. I like daring styles with smashing bright colors, especially reds. But really, dear Pope Benedict, what's the hat? What kind of statement is he making here?

I'm not sure that it's the festive attire that he should be donning. And I certainly don't think that it's a commentary on his beliefs about Islam. But, he's been seen wearing this before. He must like it, but I wonder what Peacebang would say.


Pastor Peters said...

And the illustrious Pecebang actually commented on my wandering thoughts. Check it out:


Amy said...

My four year old daughter just asked,

"Is that a cowboy?"

Pastor Peters said...

Other people thingk this is stupid too.... so much that there is a online list of best captions to the photos from this day. This is my fave: