Vaginas in Worship

The Director of Worship at my seminary asked me to do the Scripture reading yesterday. Of course, I was thrilled. I love to be involved in worship. But, without really thinking, I wore my V-Day (www.vday.org) t-shirt that boldly reads: "Value Your Vagina. Vote." It was one of my purchases of protest approaching the election last year.

So, per request, I get up to read the Scripture reading from the First Letter of John, Chapter 4, beginning with the 16th verse. I read about perfect love while my chest boldly proclaimed "Value Your Vagina." I met smiles while I read --- not realizing the connections that people were making.

After worship, I was told by a number of people how much they loved my t-shirt, though they had no idea what the Scripture reading was. But, perhaps this is what I have to give to my liberal faith communty as my friend Durrell chided, "And Miss Thang brought her perfect vagina to worship."

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