Operator of Joy

My coworker and colleague called me this afternoon. Though I didn't call her back until later this evening (as is true to my form), she called with something delightful. It's rare that one gets a phone call filled with glee, isn't it? Emily is the Associate Pastor at the church where I am Children's Minister. As my ministry is the children, I leave worship after the Children's Sermon. The kids, teachers and I go to do the education part of worship in another part of the church. So, I miss the sermon. I miss the prayers. I miss all of the good hymns. It's frustrating sometimes.

But, this past Sunday, Emily called to tell me that I was celebrated. As the congregation uplifted their Joys & Concerns, a man that I have yet to meet stood to talk about the light that shines within us. He spoke about the metaphor of hope within this light that we hope is rekindled in the wake of Katrina... soon. He spoke about the light of our church. And he spoke about me. A man that does not have children who I have yet to exchange words with, uplifted me and my ministry as a joy. How amazing is that?

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