Entertaining a Fantasy

I'm writing the easiest sermon I have ever written. I hesitate. I edit. I rewrite. All of these writing acrobatics allude to the fact that this is sermon feels like the sermon of my life. For the first time in my pastoral experience, I feel like I'm writing something that I really truly know. I feel like I can impart wisdom. I feel like I can really, truly tell the truth (and still wonder if I am telling too much or too little).

I'm loving it. It's hard. Don't get me wrong. But, I am loving every single second of the writing process. Amy has spent this month working on a novel in honor of National Novel Writing Month. Last week, I overheard a mother and her son talking about their novels while I was trying to read at a local coffee shop. I was distracted by the fact that this particular son was dashing -- and then I tripped over his bag on the way out. Awesome. Did I mention that this might be one of the reasons I'm single? Anyhow, this has got me thinking about one of my grandest fantasies. I want to write a novel. The idea of writing 50,000 words in a month is thrilling and exhausting. But, what would I write?

Since we started the ezine, I have dreamed of a complete book celebrating all of the exploits of Lexi in The Gospel According to Rev. Lexi D. Vina. I still wonder if Lexi should be found at your local independent bookstore -- after several months of her saga unfold. And yet, I admit. I want to see my name on the cover of that book. I have been thinking about writing about the adventure of the search and call process. I have been thinking it would be so great for there to be a book out there about a young clergy woman -- but what's my angle? So, I'm entertaining a fantasy. And I'm telling this to all of the women that I already know love to write...

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