Pissed Off

When I was scanning for materials for the upcoming interview, I read this article on The Fake Search.  I didn't really understand it because I honestly couldn't understand how and why you wouldn't know that this was happening.  Well, maybe it did.  Maybe it didn't.

They called yesterday to tell me that they asked another candidate to come and candidate in the end of February. In the UCC, this is the last step. It's extremely rare that a church doesn't vote in wild affirmation of the candidate that has just come to preach on the recommendation of the Search Committee. I'm not sure why they were moving so fast with me, or why they waited until yesterday to cancel the interview. I didn't think to ask those questions on the phone. I can only tell you that I'm back in the saddle and feeling a mixture of grief and heartbreak. Of course, that's to be expected at this time of year.  Next week is my mom's anniversary. Alas.


Songbird said...

Well, crappity.
It's hard to explain how this stuff happens, but it surely stinks to be the one who has been or feels strung along. So sorry.

Songbird said...

P.S. Just read Carol's article. I hear a lot of stories along those lines in the PCUSA, but haven't in the UCC.
Bottom line, it stinks that they got you all excited, then bailed.

Alex said...

My husband has taught at a UCC seminary over the last few years and I've heard of this happening with lots of UCC committees, as well.

I am so sorry.

sko3 said...

I've heard it in all denominations (well, maybe not the part about the older woman asking if you were the good one or not--that might be a personal story!). I'm sorry this has happened to you.

Susie/Nuevacantora said...

Rawr. That really stinks.

Mihee said...

I'm so sorry...that seriously is so terrible. Will be praying for you...especially next week.