Creating Home

On Friday, I went to look at condos. I saw four -- two of which were charming, one which was a dump and another that I'm literally dreaming about. It's charming. It's adorable. I would love to live there. I would love to make it my home.

That's what scares me. My dad just booked a flight to come see me this weekend. He's going to see this place and one other. He's going to be here with me so that I can make this huge decision. Will this be my home? Am I ready to settle here? Yes. I'm terrified to say that, but yes. I love this place. It has everything that I need and want. I shudder at the very thought of leaving.

The problem? Right. It's this career path. I'm an Associate Pastor at a big steeple church in the area. They love me. We're doing good things. Things are looking good. I see some challenges and some areas for growth. I see what they can teach me and what I can offer them -- but I never saw myself as a lifetime Associate. I cringe at the thought. I never really saw myself in this call for that long. And yet, here I am thinking about buying property which means that I would be here for much longer. It means that I would actually create my first real mortgaged home here. Yikes. So, is this realistic? Am I insane? Of course I am but don't great things come from great (expensive) risks?


Songbird said...

If you're leaning this way and those you trust think it's a good idea, I'm for it!

Maria said...

Having a home that you love is so important, you should go for it. Condo's can be sold, if you need to move.

molly said...

I'm right there with you, as an associate at a big ol' church I never saw myself staying at this long. And, I'm loving my work here, and bought a house and see myself digging in for a while longer.

Sometimes, I wonder if I am taking the easy way out, but I also know my position frees me to invest in some creative things that would be a bunch harder if I were a solo/senior pastor somewhere. I like to believe I'm in a special place for something new that's emerging.