Did you know that Verizon is anti-labor?

I love my mobile service with Verizon. I love the coverage. I love the service. I'm a very satisified customer. So, it is with great dismay and unease that I opened my email the other day to discover that VERIZON IS ANTI-LABOR.

Perhaps you get as many of these emails as I do. I delete a lot of them. I often send their email pleas and petitions, without revising them. It's a guilty admission because I should be able to say something about this. After all, I spent a summer advocating for labor rights among clergy with Interfaith Worker's Rights. And, it turns out that I'm guilty as sin. The email announced:

Verizon Wireless is one of the nation’s most popular wireless providers, serving 42 million customers. But did you know the company is also one of the most anti-union?

A federal Administrative Law Judge recently found that Verizon Wireless illegally disciplined a pro-union worker and interfered with employees’ rights to form or support a union. And Verizon Wireless workers say the company used “scare tactics” and intimidation to prevent employees from joining unions.

Maybe you too are outraged (or beginning to wonder why you are a Verizon customer, like I am) and if you are, please send Verizon the message. And you know, these email actions make it really easy so here it is:


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